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eNetDeals have a partnership with Ipason which provides some of our Desktop Computers directly to eNetDeals. You can read more information about our Ipason partner below.

Company Introduction of Wuhan Ipason Technology Co.Ltd

Ipason Technology is a high-tech computer, which puts the integration of research, development, and the selling of high-performance computer as its core also provides customers with one-stop services of hardware and software terminal equipment. It has two sub-brands, namely, IPASON and V game. With the Large-scale e-commerce platforms of T-mall, JD, Pinduoduo, Suning, Alibaba, Aliexpress, LAZADA, Amazon as its main marketing channels, our products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions.

Ipason Technology has invested and will be continuously investing in research and development, and our company possesses the modern scientific research and production equipment including the varied laboratories in ageing, vibration, rotation and dropping testing, and has established the whole process system involving products’ research, development, testing, and inspection.

At the same time, our company has gradually built AI customer service, CRM system, ERP system, product care system, data analysis system and other intelligent systems. As the first high-tech enterprise in the customized computer industry in China, Ipason Technology has been attaching great importance to product quality, also the research and development of core technologies. As a result, we have applied for over 100 patent technologies. Owing to several years of hard work,

Ipason Technology has obtained plenty of achievements and honours so far, including the demonstration construction enterprises of property right in Hubei province, Hubei high-tech enterprise, Hubei e-commerce demonstration enterprise, “backstage champion” cultivating enterprises in the subdivision of pillar industry in Hubei Province, key government-supported enterprise in the covid-19 pandemic of Hubei province, Wuhan “little giant” technological enterprise, Wuhan “golden seed” preparatory listing enterprise, and Wuhan top 50 private manufacturing enterprise.

Ipason Technology takes an active part in responding to the national one-belt and one-road initiative. Since 2019, our company has actively layout international trade business and founded a joint venture company in the Philippines. In addition, we have accomplished an off-line sales layout in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India. We have also been committed to developing more fully equipped international sales channels.

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