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eNetDeals have a partnership with Hasee which provides some of our Laptop directly to eNetDeals. You can read more information about our Hasee partner below.


Hasee Computer Co., Ltd which was formed in 1995 is an innovative PC company. We design, develop, manufacture, market, sell and support a range of computer systems and services that can be customized to customers’ requirements. These include competitively priced Desktop Computers, Laptops and Panel PCs. Hasee started with the manufacturing of graphics cards, we have expanded rapidly and have built our own R&D labs and 8 divisions in the year 2000. Today, we occupied 230,000 sq meters of land space in our own Hasee Industrial Park which is located in Bantian, Shenzhen, PRC.

Hasee has more than 3,000 employees in China. Over the past 6 years, we have set up sales offices and service centres in 50 cities to support a network of more than 3,000 retailers across China. In 2005, we started our International operations and today, we cover and support customers and partners in more than 110 countries and areas.

We aim to bring affordable and excellent PC and computing solutions closer to everyone.


Hasee Computer Co., Ltd which was founded in 1995 is an innovative PC company that is qualified to design, manufacture, market, sell and support a range of computer systems and services.

Hasee has an integrated products line including desktop PC, laptop PC, Panel PC, PCTV, motherboard, graphics card and computer peripherals, which guarantees Hasee to be able to supply first-class after-sale service to its customers.

Hasee international sales department started the business with Korea Market and had sold more than 20000 laptops each month in the international market, which accounts for 20% of the company’s total sales. Hasee international team won great fame and respect by successfully winning the bid and delivering 15,000 laptop computers to the United Nations. The UN will use this batch of computers for the Nigeria government’s election to be held in March 2007 owing to the stable performance and competitive price of Hasee computers. Hasee international business started blooming since then. Hasee expects its sales in the international market to reach monthly more than 30,000 units in 2008. Currently, Hasee products can be customized to meet different requirements. Hasee can cooperate with partners in terms of exportation in four ways: standard configuration computer exportation; OEM products exportation; SKD or CKD exportation; computer peripherals exportation.


Our Vision is to provide the world with more affordable and innovative computing products. We are passionate about what we do because we believe that by making personal computers more affordable and accessible to everyone, technology can help to improve their productivity at work and in life.


Our closeness to component and technology suppliers together with our in-depth study and understanding of our customer’s needs helps us incorporate cutting-edge technology into product offerings at competitive prices. Our time to market for new products is often ahead of our

Motherboard & Graphics Card

Hasee’s early foray into the local motherboard and graphics card market in 1995 spearheaded the rapid growth and expansion of our other product divisions.

Today, the motherboard is still very much our focus. Our range of PY motherboard is equipped with Nvidia latest graphics processor.

Laptop Computer

Configured with CPU from Celeron to Core2 Duo, Athlon to Turion, as well as VIA C7, upgradable memory and hard drive capability, Hasee’s broad range of competitively priced notebook computers provide convenient and reliable performance for mobile users on the go.

We divided our notebook PC offerings into 5 main categories of products to match the different requirements of our customers: high mobility, mainstream, value, desktop replacement and semi-rugged.

Semi-rugged Notebook

Our HD Series of Notebook is designed specifically for people working in a tough environment and terrains, which wants to have maximum data and system protection. It meets the ECE IP31 standards for vibration, humidity, shock resistance, and features a shock-mounted hard drive, spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and high durability paint and is designed to withstand harsh working conditions commonly associated with rugged field operations, construction sites and police, and emergency organizations.

Panel PCs

When space is at a premium, power is a necessity and beauty is a must, the Hasee Panel PC has everything you need in a slender, space-saving design. Hasee Panel PC is easily upgradable and comes in different configurations. As there are fewer connecting parts, you get outstanding industry-leading reliability, great energy savings and a whisper-quiet operation.

The 3rd generation Panel PC, our latest innovative product launch in 2007, is developed to run with Intel’s MODT motherboard, processor options from Intel Celeron to Core2 Duo. It is a light portable desktop solution that delivers superior energy-efficient performance and whisper-quiet operation in an incredible Panel PC space-saving form factor which is easily folded and stored in a normal size hand-carry briefcase and can be used anywhere that has a standard household electric power source.

26″ Multimedia TVPC

Build with a separate TV and PC circuitry but offers seamless integration of both the functions of TV and PC on one large 26-inch high clarity LCD display. The Hasee TVPC offers a new and complete home entertainment solution that can combine the source of Live TV with full PC applications running in parallel.

Desktop Computer

Hasee’s range of performance desktop computers offers full-featured and practical functionality for all kinds of users and working environments.


Hasee has over the past 3 years challenged the cost and product design of leading manufacturers by developing a series of products at the incredible breakthrough price point and form factor.

In both laptop and desktop computers, our R&D engineers made great progress in developing ultra-small footprint and energy-saving Panel PCs. We believe that our innovative spirit will enable us to bring computing technologies closer to everyone.

Launch the first Hasee Laptop Computer in February
First to launch a Laptop priced only at USD875 in February
Launch the 1st generation Panel PC
First to launch a Laptop Computer priced at USD588 in August
First to launch a Laptop Computer priced at USD500 in April
Launch the 2nd generation Panel PC
First to Launch VIA C7 Laptop Computer priced only at USD385
Launch Intel Core Due Laptop Computer in July
Launch 26-inch TVPC in August
Launch the 3rd generation Panel PC in January priced only at USD320


At Hasee, we cater to a wide range of customer types, both locally and internationally. We have R&D and engineering capabilities to undertake our client’s requirements on different levels of product customization, localization, solution integration as well as supporting OEM and SKD projects. Our notebook and Panel PC R&D centre was opened in September 2004 with the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

Today we have a modern manufacturing facility and we have an established operation and management system to ensure that our products meet the ISO9001 international quality standards.

Our manufacturing facilities consist of 5 Siemens Siplace HS50 high-speed SMT and 1 Philips Topaz SMT machine, a BTU reflow soldering equipment, etc.

For international sales, our products are tested and comply with the following certificates or standards: CCC/UL/CE/CSA/FCC/RoHS



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