About Us

eNetDeals.co.uk started in 2018 selling small electronic devices in the Maltese market. As the website was just launched we noticed the need for consumer electronics at affordable prices and built up our product portfolio.

In early 2019 we decided to explore manufacturers and visit the flagship stores and warehouses directly. This built up a bond between us and the manufacturer so we could save on distribution prices and prices that would be beneficial to the manufacturer and our clients.

eNetDeals soon became popular with direct warranties from our suppliers and products at an affordable price.

In late 2019 we decided to move to London. This would be our distribution hub across Europe.

April 2020 we moved from London to North Yorkshire due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As we have always had our best intention to supply electronic devices at cost prices, the London shop had extra expenses and because of Covid, it was not viable to pay the expense of a Shop based in London. We decided to go fully online and have distribution centres across Europe for quicker delivery times.

eNetDeals will always try the best to make sure you get the best price on your purchase. Look out for promotional codes that offer percentage discounts on your next purchase.

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